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Systematically helping turn clients’ dreams into reality

Goals-based planning creates alignment between clients’ goals and their financial situation. This approach helps ensure that they are putting their money in the appropriate places, but also to inspire motivation. At HD Vest, we are committed to empowering you to get your clients to where they truly want to be.

8 wealth management issues

Forward thinking life’s biggest financial concerns

HD Vest Advisors are committed to helping their clients make the most of their money and avoid the most common financial pitfalls. We have created a solid framework to cover life’s 8 most common wealth management issues and ensure nothing is overlooked.


Investment management

In today’s investment environment, it is easy for clients to be overwhelmed by an overabundance of information without individualized guidance. When everyone has their own unique financial situation, a “one size fits all” investment plan can be detrimental. As an HD Vest Advisor, you have the opportunity to help your clients thoroughly assess their entire portfolio before working to build a long-term investment strategy, diversifying their assets* and even dealing with tax implications.


Cash flow & debt management

It’s common knowledge that one should spend less than he or she earns, but unfortunately it’s not always put into practice. As an HD Vest Advisor, you can help your clients evaluate their current and future sources of income, become more strategic with their monthly budgets and set aside some cash for emergencies.


Family risk management

A key part of financial planning is helping your clients protect their retirement savings and their ability to earn income. Many HD Vest Advisors can provide insurance products that will help protect clients through unforeseen events.


Retirement planning

Life expectancies are increasing and pension plans are disappearing. As an HD Vest Advisor, you have the opportunity to help your clients generate a clear vision of what they want from retirement – and establish a financial strategy that will help them get there.


Education planning

Education planning choices can be confusing and convoluted. As an HD Vest Advisor, you have the ability to guide them through this process and help them understand the implications of how their savings will affect their child’s ability to qualify for financial aid and how their income, gift and estate tax situation will play into it.


Estate planning

A well-crafted estate plan ensures that your clients’ wishes will be honored– even after they’re gone. As an HD Vest Advisor, you can help your clients avoid the tragic (yet common) mistake of putting off estate planning until it’s too late.


Business planning

If you have clients who run a business, it’s likely they also need assistance in dealing with other vital issues- employee benefits, business financial goals and risk management. By adding financial services to your practice with HD Vest, you will be able to give input that helps your clients protect their family, their business and their future.


Special situations planning

Throughout your clients’ lives, as they pursue long-term goals, unexpected financial needs will arise. Whether it’s planning for a wedding, taking a spontaneous vacation, buying a second home or an unforeseen event- clients will have big financial decisions to make. As an HD Vest Advisor, you have the ability to ensure that your clients are well equipped to adjust their financial plan without jeopardizing their long-term goals.

HD Vest is a unique culture in that advisors truly care about each other and they're willing to tell their story to help somebody else. I take a lot of pride in that.


Bring your clients future into focus

At HD Vest, we believe that financial goals should be well-defined and realistic, accompanied by a sound and measurable plan. We believe that the client is the most critical component of his or her plan, and it should directly reflect his or her vision for the future. To support these beliefs, we created VestVision®, a retirement and investment planning system that provides you and your clients with the necessary tools and technology.

01 Define major life goals
02 Determine realistic and acceptable goals
03 Prioritize goals
04 Stress-test goals
05 Make a recommendation
06 Implement allocation
07 Monitor progress
08 Add new goals or reprioritize

An advisor and client focused philosophy

With its Advisor- and client-focused philosophy, VestVision offers customization, transparency, flexibility and ease of mind for both parties. The process presents a clear picture of your clients’ desires for their future and the most efficient path to them get there.

How it works

Get to know VestVision®

Learn about the VestVision process in this easy to digest video.

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* Diversification does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses. VestVision is based upon the software, patents, copyrights and some of the trademarks owned, developed by or exclusively licensed to Wealthcare Capital Management LLC. (“Wealthcare”). All Wealthcare content within VestVision supports the use of Wealthcare’s method and system for financial advising, its method, system and computer program for auditing financial plans, the system and method for incorporating mortality risk in an investment planning model, and the related terminology specific to its patents are used under license from Wealthcare. (U.S. Patents numbers 6,947,904/7,562,040/7,650,303/7,865,138/7,991,675). HD Vest Advisors are responsible for developing individualized investment recommendations or financial and investment plans for their clients.