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Helping investors obtain the comprehensive financial advice they seek from trusted financial and tax professionals is the heart of the HD Vest mission. From our robust line of financial solutions to the highly ethical financial advisors and tax professionals that partner with us in servicing their clients.

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Powering Advisors

With more than 30 years of experience servicing independent financial Advisors, CPAs and tax professionals, we have designed a business support model that’s customized to suit your needs. We pride ourselves on having a client-centric focus that helps you optimize your practice, your way.

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  • The last 12 months or so have been marked by bouts of hyper volatility that have shaken stocks across the globe. HD Vest's Chad Smith explores being bold in uncertain times.

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  • Now that the crush of tax season is safely behind us, and many tax professionals have already taken some well-deserved time off, many of them are also now experiencing an uneasy letdown.

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  • As the Baby Boomers move into retirement, their $50 trillion in assets will move with them -- and they’ll need professional help with the transition, according to Roger Ochs, president and CEO of broker-dealer HD Vest Financial Services.

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  • The average length of time between a new computer being hooked up to the Internet and its being targeted by hackers is six minutes, experts warn -- so it’s critical to establish a defense in depth against cyber-invasion.

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