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We believe that every American deserves the assistance of a trained financial professional in helping to plan for their financial future. And we believe you can get all your financial answers in one place. That's why we recruit highly ethical accounting and tax professionals to become HD Vest Advisors. They're the Heart of our Business.

That means our clients can get financial planning advice from their tax advisor. Someone they already know, who understands their situation.

As you can see, we're not like other financial services firms.

Choosing an HD Vest Advisor

What makes a HD Vest advisor different?

You've probably heard plenty of financial advice in your lifetime – tidbits such as "Spend less than you earn," "Try to save a little every month," and "Use compound interest to your advantage." But when you try to follow this advice on your own, it's not always as simple as it sounds.

You may have even consulted financial advisors to help you achieve financial health. But many of them simply focus on selling you their favorite investment products – which means you'll walk away feeling no better informed than when you went in.

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HD Vest In The News

HD Vest Advisors featured in The Wall Street Journal article, "Advisor, Clients Frustrated as Tax Deadline Nears"

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We Should Talk

If you're a financial services professional who's looking for a firm that understands tax professionals can also be highly effective financial advisors – and vice versa, we should talk.

At HD Vest, we won't just bring you on board and wish you luck. We'll guide you through every step of growing your business with us. You'll receive the support you need to increase your profits.

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